BurgerCities NFT heroes coming to Treasureland in a strategic collaboration

Treasureland is proud to announce its partnership with BurgerCities, a metaverse project that is pioneering the newest paradigm in the gamefi space. BurgerCities intends to revitalize the entire metaverse industry by launching the first standardized MetaFi platform on the BSC chain. Thus, we are pleased to collaborate with BurgerCities to achieve the aforementioned vision, first […]

Monthly report Update

Treasureland Monthly Report in April: NFT Market R&D and Partnerships

April was a productive month for Treasureland. For us at Treasureland, the grind remains the same — market expansions, strategic business partnerships, and technical improvements as we make more optimization upgrades on our soon-to-be-launched Treasureland V3 version. Below, we summarized all of our key achievements for the month of April. Technique Updates 1. We added […]