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NFT Market Renovation — Treasureland Monthly Report in March

March was a productive month for Treasureland. We have made progress in several aspects of our NFT market. Please take a look at our monthly report that has updated technical progress on NFT listing, partnerships, and events.

Technical Updates

  1. Multiple language support

Treasureland now supports English, Chinese, Russian, Indonesian, Korean, Turkish, and Vietnamese. More languages will be supported.

2. Mobile version for Treasureland BETA Version

The Mobile version is released for the new Treasureland BETA Version. Mobile-friendly websites boost your NFT by creating, buying, and selling with ease of accessibility from anywhere and anytime. It also provides a better user experience and engagement across devices.

3. Filter Function Update

Treasureland updated the filter function where users may have more options when they trade NFTs. The new feature will be enhanced further in the next few weeks. We updated the system to maintain a seamless trading experience by decreasing the search time by 20% on the current market and our BETA version.)

4. 3D NFTs (glb)

glTF is a common 3D geometry format introduced by Khronos Group. Glb is the binary texture included version of glTF. Treasureland introduces a new feature to enable the uploading of glb files to create NFTs. 3D NFT creators can embark on their new creation experience thanks to the new feature

source: glFT helmet sketchfab rendering

5. Coin98 integration

Treasureland finished the integration of Coin98 on its platform. Users of the wallet can now connect the app to our marketplace and trade NFTs. Coin98 is the ultimate DeFi gateway that enables users to explore multi-chain dApps seamlessly and effortlessly swap tokens.

6. KuCoin Community Chain integration

Treasureland has finalized the deployment of smart contracts onto the KuCoin Community Chain. Both Treasureland and KuCoin Community Chain developers will work closely to build up the NFT ecosystem on KuCoin Community Chain.

This integration will bridge collectors and creators from KuCoin Community closer to Treasureland NFT marketplace, where anyone can easily buy and launch NFTs at lower fees and more speed with the multi-chain technology as to the Ethereum mainnet; Both Treasureland and KuCoin Community Chain developers will work closely to iron out complex technical details and ensure a smooth transition.

Broadening the NFT ecosystem, Treasureland integration with KuCoin Community ChainThis integration will bridge collectors and creators from KuCoin Community closer to Treasureland NFT


  1. Quack-a-doodle-doo Giveaway

In celebration of a landmark partnership with Treasureland, Quack-a-doodle-doo organized a giveaway program to raffle out 20 unique duckling stamp NFTs. Quack-a-doodle-doo NFT collections comprise 8888 cute ducklings NFTs living in the DuckVille universe on Mar 7.

2. World of Cryptoid Blinds Box

Blind boxes from World of Cryptoid came to Treasureland. Only 100 CrypEggs, each hatching into a random Cryptoid of potentially extremely rare traits, were on sale on an FCFS basis on Mar 8.

3. Crypto Quities

After the successful listing of its NFT arts on Treasureland, Crypto Quities organized a giveaway for one Crypto Quitie NFT plus exclusive tour access to its Metaverse on Mar 11.

4. 4 Meta World AMA and Blindbox event

4 Meta World is an ecological platform for the future of the metaverse. The platform combines the most cutting-edge DeFi and NFT mechanisms within a variety of games to form a rich ecology of games and assets. The whole system integrates the attributes of digital assets, DeFi, NFT, gaming and social networking. 4MW holds AMA with Treasureland on 16th March and releases Fantasy Fairies blindbox on Treasureland on 18th March.

5. KingdomXGame AMA

KingdomX is a Metaverse Medieval Game designed around gamefi protocol. KingdomX holds AMA with Treasureland on 30th March. KingdomX officially first debuted a mystery box, a random hero with a random class can be drawn from one Dragon Mystery Box listed on Treasureland.

NFT listing

We have listed more than 150+ NFT projects in March. Here follows part of the NFT projects that are newly listed:

  1. Azuki

We kicked off the month by listing the Ethereum-based A-rated NFT collection The Skaters from the Internet, from the Azuki Metaverse. Azuki is a community-centered Metaverse — run by the community for the community on Mar 1.

2. Wolf Town

Wolf Town, the reborn version of Wolf Game DAO, got listed on Treasureland. Wolf Town is a community-driven P2E NFT GameFi project that is pioneering new types of in-game mechanics. The team promised to make the game ready-to-play at launch on Mar 2.

3. Boomgala

Boomgala NFT collection got listed on Treasureland. Boomgala is an original project run on a community basis connected through the value structure of the metaverse on Mar 4.

4. Cryptocards

NFT collections from the TCG GameFi project, CryptoCards, got listed on the Treasureland marketplace. Cryptocards is a BSC-based gaming project that features competitive gameplay with its beautiful and curated card collection. The gameplay mechanics require strategic thinking, and players can earn bountiful rewards on Mar 14.

5. Pirates World

Sea of Treasures is a play-to-earn NFT game designed to provide the users with a fun experience by collecting Pirates and Ships to travel through the ocean searching for treasures, facing dangerous expeditions. Pirates World aims to be the greatest Pirates game on the blockchain while letting their users enjoy being a part of a vast ocean, the thrill of strategic gameplay, and earn $RGOLD. The game is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain and is compatible with web3 wallets.

6. Skulltoons

Shrouded in secrecy and emanating exclusivity, the Skull Society is a group of 7,777 Skulls with uniquely hand drawn traits by renowned Neo-Pop Artist Theodoru Badiu. This collection pays homage to “Gavroche”. Quite clever and imbued with street smarts, this lovable character reflects a piece of us all: a complex amalgamation of emotions on a trip through the human experience. These aren’t your average skulls. Each art piece is a reflection of Theodoru’s belief that we all can be pillars of hope regardless of the gruesomeness of reality.

7. World of Women

World of Women is a community celebrating representation, inclusivity, and equal opportunities. It gathers a first-of-its-kind collection featuring 10,000 NFT artworks of diverse

What’s Next?

  1. Treasureland will improve the mobile end BETA version in the future.
  2. Treasureland will renovate the UI in the BETA version and launch new features.
  3. Treasureland will integrate with more chains and list more new projects.
  4. Your opinions and suggestions mean a lot to Treasureland. If you have any advice, please feel free to propose it here.

About Treasureland

Treasureland is a cross-chain NFT platform for NFT issuance, NFT trading, NFT collections, and tailored in-shop services. It provides a one-stop solution to business-end users from 0 to 1 and a multiple chain aggregation experience to C-end users.

Treasureland raised a seed funding round led by HashKey Capital and Youbi Capital, with participation from Assembly Ventures, NGC Venture, GBV Capital, DFG, Spark Digital, SNZ, Mask Network and other top institutions.

Treasureland has deployed on multiple blockchains, including Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, IoTex, Moonriver, and diverse multi-chain NFT assets. And it will deploy on more chains in the near future.

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