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Treasureland Monthly Report on June — Top NFT Projects Thrive With Community

July is here, and just like how you’d snap a finger, the first half of the year is already gone. So, before July gets really foggy with daunting workloads, we spent some time reflecting on all the great things that kept us busy in June.

Below is the report of the partnerships, new listings, technical improvements, AMAs, giveaways, and more.

Technical Update

  1. We updated the NFT filter system and support filter by attributes.

2. We support projects to upload their own background posters.

3. Improve the page access efficiency of the latest version.

4. We fixed the bug of page data error caused by an abnormal wallet link.

5. We fixed the bug that some items’ floor price is incorrectly displayed.

6. We updated the banner setting system so that projects can submit higher resolution media and display better on the market homepage.

7. We fixed the bug of redundant ranking data.

8. We fixed an error in the pending order caused by desync problems on the blockchain.

Partnerships and Events

1. Treasureland Partners Exiled Racers

Exiled Racers became strategic ecosystem partners. As part of this partnership deal, Exiled Racers NFTs will launch on Treasureland in preparation of future joint events between both parties.

Exiled Racers is Moonbeam’s first native bluechip art collection with a bonus community-driven racing manager.

2. BurgerCities NFT giveaway

To celebrate the partnership between Treasureland and BurgerCities, both teams came together to host a giveaway for 3 BurgerCities NFTs. To participate, users only need to complete a few simple tasks.

BurgerCities is the first standardizing MetaFi Game on the BSC chain.

3. Baby Wealthy Club

Treasureland is prepared to offer its NFT liquidity services to Baby Wealthy after a collaborative agreement was reached by both teams.

Baby Wealthy Club has a collection of 10,000 born rich babies with utility and holder benefits.

Both teams hosted a giveaway for two Baby Wealthy Club NFTs.

4. Market Spotlight

Treasureland got featured on the NFT Track App website. NFT Track uses a fun and easy way to help you invest in NFTs with a track record backed by on-chain transactions.

5. AMA with Move Sneaker NFT

Treasureland hosted the Move project on its telegram group where sneaker NFTs were raffled out to 5 lucky users for active participation.

MOVE is a Web3 fitness and lifestyle app with game-fi and social-fi attributes. The MOVE project considers people’s basic fitness lifestyle activity needs to help create and promote a community of people actively pursuing a healthy lifestyle through sports and fitness activities.

6. 0x499 Panel

Treasureland joined a panel discussion hosted by the 0x499 decentralized community. The theme of the discussion centered on “How do equity NFTs attract potential holders?”.

Other members of the panel were Kevin from Bitkeep, May from Spark Digital Capital, and Eleanor from DraperDragon.

7. Move Sneaker NFTs Blind Box Sale

300 NFT blind boxes containing sneaker NFTs of the web3 fitness platform, MOVE, went on sale on Treasureland. The sale event was a success as all NFTs were sold out at a flat rate of 0.5 BNB per piece.

8. ArbiCard WL Giveaway

Treasureland collaborated with ArbiCard to award 10 whitelist slots to users for completing some simple tasks. ArbiCard is a unique collection of cards in the Arbitrum network.

9. Treasureland And MetaLine Giveaway

MetaLine teamed up with Treasureland to launch a mega giveaway for 50 Metaline NFTs worth $1000. The event ran from June 6th to June 13th.

10. Collectify Partnership with Treasureland

In a landmark development, Collectify announced its partnership with Treasureland. Collectify is an NFT-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform which empowers NFT creators with an essential toolkit for creating multi-chain giveaways and raffle events. Treasureland will benefit from its innovative toolkits by using Collectify services in its future community events.

11. A house for Treasureland in BurgerCities Metaverse…and a giveaway!

Treasureland becomes a landowner in BurgerCities. On the day of the grand opening, OAT badge giveaway on the Project Galaxy website was launched by Treasureland and BurgerCities.

12. MonsterGo Partnership with Treasureland

MonsterGo and Treasureland entered a strategic agreement to become partners in the NFT space. MonsterGo is a RPG+AXIE+STEPN play-to=earn game based on the BSC chain.

13. Palmare Partnership with Treasureland

Palmare, the move to earn the project, became an official partner of Treasureland. Palmare is a Community-driven Web3 Sports App with an inbuilt SocialFi and SportFi element. The project’s app launched based on research to optimize the earning system of the movie-to-earn ecosystem, while bringing new experiences to the sports community.

14. StarFishOS Partnership with Treasureland

StarFishOS and Treasureland began a mutually beneficial business relationship to assist each project on its industry goals and objectives. StarFishOS is a lightweight consensus collaboration system.

15. SeorSea Partnership with Treasureland

Treasureland and the web3 infrastructure platform announced the decision reached by both teams to work together. SEOR is the next generation of decentralized Web3.0 application technology development infrastructure. Treasureland assisted SEOR in the launch of its NFT mystery boxes as well as the listing of its collection on the marketplace.

16. Meson Network leadership thought series

Featuring alongside other co-builders in the NFT sector, Treasureland’s co-founder, Mori, was invited to speak on the June edition of the Thought Leadership series organized by the Meson Network. The topic of discussion was “NFT Strategy in Bear Market”.

16. 18- Month Milestone Celebration

To commemorate the 18th month of Treasureland’s operation in the NFT market, we launched the “TreasurelandForYou” referral giveaway contest with a $2000 prize rewards pool consisting of NFTs and tokens to be distributed among 50 participants.

June 24 was also nostalgic as it marked 517 days since when we got incubated by the DEGO project. Treasureland was one of the very early projects to break into the NFT market.

That early entry also helped to inspire the name “Treasureland” as we envisioned ourselves embarking on a journey of the unknown, through an island of treasure, dream and ambition.

17. Oasis Doge WL giveaway

To celebrate the listing of Oasis NFT on Treasureland, the Oasis Doge team ran a giveaway to award whitelist spots to 5 lucky persons from the Treasureland community.

18. Bovine x Treasureland

Treasureland and BovineVerse will collaborate to launch innovative web3 products for GenZ-ers.

BovineVerse is a pioneering Fi+ metaverse gaming platform integrating DeFi, GameFi, and SocialFi features into one ecosystem. BovineVerse has constructed a complete NFT system helping users to ride the wave of web3.

19. SoulDa x Treasureland WL Giveaway

Treasureland collaborated with top rated project, Soulda to award free mint spot to the Treasureland community. Soulda NFT image is personalized when minting to match users’ personalities.

Once you collect the SOUL TAG from the Soulda Fountain, a corresponding NFT image based on your personality will be minted for you.

20. OptiDinos WL Contest

OptiDinos, in alliance with Treasureland, staged a whitelist contest on Discord and Twitter. Total number of whitelist spots awarded to selected participants were 10.

OptiDinos is a 4444 cc0 NFT collection on Optimism. Its goal is to bring awareness and innovation to the Optimism network.

21. Moniwar x Treasureland

Treasureland welcomed the Moniwar NFT collection to its platform as both parties formalized their cooperation agreement.

Users can now buy and sell Moniwar NFTs on Treasureland marketplace.

Moniwar is a Retro Monsters & Puzzles Game with Match 3 Gameplay on Blockchain.

22. Proud Kitty Gang and Treasureland

Ahead of its mint date, Proud Kitty, an highly anticipated project, worked with Treasureland to select 5 community members for its whitelist pass.

23. BovineVerse and Treasureland AMA

In preparation for its critical milestone events, an AMA event between both projects was announced to be taking place on July 1st in Treasureland’s group.

During the AMA, 10 CattleMart whitelist spots and special OAT will be awarded to participants whose questions got answered by the host.

New NFT listings

1. Baby Wealth Club

Baby Wealth Club NFT collection comprising 10,000 non-fungibles got listed on Treasureland. The NFTs give their holders membership access into a web3 club of wealthy individuals — June 6.

2. Metaline

MetaLine is an ocean-going trade game that allows users to profit from their business, such as international trade, shipping, navigation, logistics, and products processing. Users can build fleets to transport products to different ports enjoying the fun of navigation and trade — June 8

3. Crypto Prophet

The Crypto Prophet is an NFT-based price-prediction game on the BSC chain. Users collect these NFTs and use them in magical price prediction battles with other players — June 18

4. Coritecom

Coritecom is a disruptive music crowdfunding and fan interaction platform on the BNB chain. It is ruled by artists and backed by fans. Creative creators will be able to distribute, market and fund their next release with Corite platform — June 21

5. MoonRiver

The MOVR Quest NFT collection, launched by the MoonRiver network rewards Movrine champions with an epic magic lamp phoenix — June 22

6. PlanetZUUD

Planet ZUUD is a new world created for Tiger Warriors and future collections. “Tiger Warriors” is the first NFT Collection designed and developed on Planet ZUUD.

A giveaway of 1 Tiger Warrior NFT was also sponsored by its team to celebrate the event — June 24

7. Chain of Legends

Chain of Legends is a P2E NFT game in which you can: buy land, build a gold mine, and start earning game tokens — June 27

8. MagicCraft

MagicCraft is a play-to-earn cross-platform fantasy world MMORPG launched on Binance Smart Chain, with an advanced guild system, taxes, and economy — June 28

What’s Next?

  • Treasureland will keep on improving the mobile end BETA version
  • Treasureland will renovate the UI and launch a new feature in August.
  • We will also integrate with more chains and list more new projects.
  • We will develop on bulk/bundle buying/selling.

Your opinions and suggestions mean a lot to Treasureland. Please feel free to forward them on official channels if you have any advice. You can also forward them via our contact at

About Treasureland

Treasureland is a cross-chain NFT platform for NFT issuance, NFT trading, NFT collections, and tailored in-shop services. It provides a one-stop solution to business-end users from 0 to 1 and a multiple chain aggregation experience to C-end users.

Treasureland raised a seed funding round led by HashKey Capital and Youbi Capital, with participation from Assembly Ventures, NGC Venture, GBV Capital, DFG, Spark Digital, SNZ, Mask Network and other top institutions.

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