Treasureland CM Program Phase III

Treasureland NFT marketplace is a spin-off and incubated by DEGO Finance. Since our launch in December 2020, we have made many breakthroughs. Considering the current growth and increasing service demands, we need more new people to join us. We welcome all talents who are enthusiastic about Treasureland to our family. Keep the momentum, and build up our community!

I. Arrangement:

  • Application submission channel for CM(chief moderator): (please attach with a resume or LinkedIn profile)
  • Submission Period: July 15th — Aug 15th
  • Phase Two of Treasureland CM: 2 months
  • Number required: 2–5

II. Selection Criteria

Applicants Who Are (Required):

  • Familiar with blockchain and NFT, interested and profound in the field of blockchain/NFT;
  • Loyal fans and deep believers, willing to participate in various activities of Treasureland.
  • Skilled in 2 languages at least

Applicant Who Can (Required)

  • Effectively respond to community members with high-quality professional interaction; collect user feedback and report daily; answer users’ questions; maintain community order; report community situations regularly.
  • Prepare promotional documents, notifications, advertisements, and more to support project promotion and operation.
  • Assist in organizing community events such as AMA, and campaigns with our partners; write an announcement/ weekly or monthly report about Treasureland development.
  • Know how to check transaction id on-chain for users. When a user encounters a problem, they can spot it and refer it to devs in time.
  • Cooperate with the project’s development, look for cooperation opportunities, and help the Treasureland ecosystem’s long-term development.
  • Good at running and maintaining to grow their local groups.

Applicants Who Can/Are (Preferred)

  • Run social media (ie: Twitter, Discord, Telegram), develop and implement a program strategy for community activities. (Preferred)
  • Have experience in running Twitter Space or any voice conference online.
  • Familiar with Discord and expert in making bots for campaigns/events.
  • Familiar with the NFT market and have experience in NFT trading
  • Not limited to stickers, video, drawings, have relevant working experience.
  • Actively organize outreach (including but not limited to Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Telegram) and experience with community initiatives (for example, setting up an online forum, and creating a series of events).
  • Skilled in using various office software such as Google Work, Zoom, and PhotoShops.

III. CM’s Mission

  • The daily active time of all members of the main group will be considered as one of the important criteria. (Over 6 hours)
  • Twitter/promotions/events from Twitter/discord and other social media.
  • Essential tasks in the above selection criteria.

IV. Rights and Benefits of Treasureland CMs

  • The Treasureland team will award CMs who complete the tasks with a minimum of salaries at least every month.
  • Those who perform excellently have a chance to get promoted and receive more rewards (including but not limited to salary, recommending to our partners by us, and exclusive NFTs) from our core team.


  • The CM’s work will have a two-month probation period, and we hope to establish long-term and stable cooperation with the CM, which will be conducive to the long-term development of the CM’s career and the project.
  • We welcome people who are passionate, creative, and flexible with their community, rather than just seeing it as a part-time job. We welcome those who have a strong willingness to learn more and keep building!

About Treasureland

Treasureland is a multichain NFT platform for NFT issuance, NFT trading, NFT collections, and tailored in-shop services. It provides a one-stop solution to business-end users from 0 to 1 and a multiple chain aggregation experience to C-end users.

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