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Treasureland Monthly Report (July 1 — July 31)

July is the hottest season of the year. It was also a month when all the hottest events happened. As the month of July begins, we look back to January with pride, seeing how much progress we have made in such a short time to become the largest cross-chain NFT marketplace today.

And now, once again, here is a synopsis of the notable events we had in July, ranging from partnerships, new NFT listings, community events, and technical improvement.

Technical Updates

1. We continued developing the Treasureland V3 beta version and revamped the UI in the new homepage, marketplace, NFT details, and transaction pages;

2. Optimized the wallet connection process of the V2 version (;

3. Optimized item listing efficiency and reduced listing time;

4. Fixed the bug of price listing;

5. Fixed the NFT image display;

6. Treasureland V2 supports project party royalties;

7. Supported EVMOS public chain;

8. Optimized the wallet linking process;

9. Added the homepage advertising function

10. Optimized the project listing process and improved the project listing efficiency

Partnerships and Events

1. AMA with Bovineverse

Bovineverse is A genesis Fi+ metaverse gaming platform under Web 3.0. Their first game is Interstellar Rangeland. The AMA gives 10 CattleMart WLs + Special OAT to winners.

2. HALO NFT x Treasureland Joint Giveaway

The HALO label realizes the value in interoperation with the real world through the original economic system and brand effect. Users have a channel of roles to step into the metaverse by holding HALO virtual characters. A joint giveaway between HALO NFT and Treasureland gave 10 NFTs to winners.

3. New Partnership with APEmoveApp

APEmove is built around an essential daily activity for most people — moving around. It’s a Web3 fitness app powered by GameFi and SocialFi mechanisms. We also held a Treasureland and APEmove Joint Airdrop.

4. Joint Airdrop between Treasureland and Celestial

Celestial Metaverse is the first Gamefi+Socialfi+Nftswap in the blockchain world. It provides a web-based game platform for all gamefi and socialfi lovers. Treasureland held a joint airdrop between the two platforms.

5. New partnership with 3D Brave Tigers

Treasureland became the official partner of the 3D brave tigers NFT collection. 3D brave tigers include 10K unique NFTs and each NFT has its own story. Treasureland will provide a liquidity solution for 3D brave tigers. Treasureland also held an airdrop event for 3D Brave Tigers #9944 & #9966.

6. Cooperation between Treasureland and The Quest3

We’re delighted to cooperate with Quest3_xyz, which is a Web3 Quest and Event Platform. We’ll interact more with and host events powered by Quest3.

7. New partnership with MadMen DAO is a platform dedicated to advertising on Web3, for Web3. Treasureland reaches a new partnership with MadMen DAO.

8. SakurassNFT x Treasureland Joint Giveaway

SakurassNFT brings 1111 species of cherry blossoms worldwide Solana for summer MooD. The joint giveaway gives ten whitelists of SakurassNFT.

9. Treasureland Limited NFT Airdrop

Treasureland holds a 10 Treasureland NFTs airdrop on Quest3. 10 Winners will get a limited version Metaman NFT.

10. New partnership with DtoolsTeam

Dtools is the next generation of Web3 tools Dtools x Very On-Chain NFT Analysis System. Treasureland reached a partnership with DtoolsTeam. To celebrate the cooperation, Treasurelandlisted the Dtools NFT and held a giveaway with the DtoolsTeam.

11. New partnership with ElephantSwap.

ElephantSwap is one dApp containing a liquidity provider and DEX. It elevates people’s DeFi experience. Treasureland will collaborate with ElephantSwap to provide better exchange experience to users.

12. New Partnership with MM3NFT

MM3 is a collection of 6226 3D NFT using EIP 3665. MM3 is a new generation of NFT — it is modular based and allows the buy or sell of components. The team behind the project AmethystNFT is also behind the Marilyn Monre CGI, which is covered by Vogue and partnered with luxury fashion brands. Treasureland held a joint giveaway with MM3.

13. New Partnership with archlootOS

ArchLoot is a Play-for-fun UGC Blast on BNBchain and the 1st interactive NFT gameplay that frees your imagination web3games. Treasureland and ArchLoot will cooperate further in GameFi and NFT.

New NFT Listings

1. Rhino Mob by Ninjaft NFT

Immortal Rhino Mob is a collection of underworld mobsters who hit the streets. Dark world dealings of the Rhino Mob on BNBChain

2. VoxiesNFT

Voxies is an addictive, FREE-TO-PLAY, and deeply strategic turn-based tactics game that can be enhanced through playing with your owned Voxies from #NFT project.

3. WeArePlanetMojo

Planet Mojo is a Web3 gaming metaverse set in a rich, mysterious alien world. Majo NFT is now Live on Treasureland

4. The Red Village

The Red Village is a brutal village full of honorable death.There will only ever be 28,000 Pureblood Champions in The Red Village ecosystem.

5. Theirsverse

Theirsverse is a Gen-Z brand connecting Web 2 and Web3. Its NFT is a membership invitation.

6. 0xD38

After a global catastrophe, all animals went extinct, the remnants of humanity are trying to revive the animal world. But does everyone have such a goal in mind?

7. Riot Racers

Riot Racers is a P2E NFT car racing game and leading GameFi project on Polygon blockchain.

8. WonderfulDay

WonderfulDay is a decentralized #NFT mint, trading and data display platform. Tigers are now Live on Treasureland:

9. Oyabun Genesis

Oyabun Genesis is a Move2Earn and Fight & Earn Web3 App immersing the users in a manga Cyber Yakuza Universe.

10. Tableland Rigs

Tableland Rigs is a 3k generative NFT built from 1,074 handcrafted works of art for the builders and creatives of cyberspace.

11. FYbaseballNFT

Frontyard Baseball is a P2E NFT game that allows you to win real money while giving back to your community.

What’s Next?

  • Treasureland will keep on improving the mobile end BETA version.
  • Treasureland will renovate the UI in the BETA version and launch new features.
  • We will also integrate with more chains and list more new projects.
  • We will develop on bulk/bundle buying/selling.
  • We will launch the new feature (Launchpad) and renovate the UI in August.

Your opinions and suggestions mean a lot to Treasureland. Please feel free to forward them on official channels if you have any advice. You can also forward them via our contact at

About Treasureland

Treasureland is a cross-chain NFT platform for NFT issuance, NFT trading, NFT collections, and tailored in-shop services. It provides a one-stop solution to business-end users from 0 to 1 and a multiple chain aggregation experience to C-end users.

Treasureland raised a seed funding round led by HashKey Capital and Youbi Capital, with participation from Assembly Ventures, NGC Venture, GBV Capital, DFG, Spark Digital, SNZ, Mask Network, and other top institutions.

Treasureland has deployed on multiple blockchains, including Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, IoTex, Moonriver, and diverse multi-chain NFT assets. And it will deploy on more chains shortly.

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