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In Bear, We Build: August Update

Weare, without a doubt, going through a fierce winter of NFT. The trade volume is drastically shrinking while the floor price of Bluechip NFT is plummeting. What lies ahead is a bumpy road that Degens anticipated to come yet hopefully not so soon.

Amid the market sentiment, we, at Treasureland, never stopped building and always endeavored to achieve our mission in 2022: create a Protocol that embraces collaborations in web 3.0, enables a user-driven economy & traffic-flow model, and frictionless meaning — there is no obstacle in liquidity, transaction flow, and traffic data of the network within our protocol. Here are what we did in Aug to pave the road for future web3 degens:

I. Technical Updates

1. We updated the user home page to offer you a more comprehensive and clear personal dashboard

The marketplace features have been enhanced and improved to allow users more information about their collections. These functionalities include My NFTs, My Listings, Offer Made, Offer Received, Activities, and more.

Moreover, the “Estimated Value” feature will allow users to check their NFTs estimated value in real-time.

Treasureland Version 3.0
Treasureland Version 2.0

2. With the “Refresh Metadata,” you can now update your NFT in real-time

The metadata of NFTs is embedded in smart contracts. This allows a marketplace like ours to display its properties. In the V3 version, metadata such as unique traits, names, descriptions, and graphic content are displayed on the user interface.

Thus, with just one click to pull and refresh data, it is now possible for users to check whether a change has been made to the metadata of their NFT.

3. We added EIP 712 signature to prevent scammers and funky transaction

The latest version supports the EIP 712 signature standard (EIP-712: Typed structured data hashing and signing).

Now, when placing orders, users can view specific signature data before approving a transaction, thus effectively preventing phishing websites from stealing their assets.

II. Partnerships

In August, we established many strategic partnerships with promising web3 projects in different sectors such as FiTR, the AI fitness platform, Metabit, a high-performance blockchain network, and MM3, a multi-identity NFT collection.

Moreover, we partnered with notable NFT projects such as Stxngers, Mones, Ceres DAO, and the metaverse project, ZebraLabs.

Our team welcomed the decentralized asset management platform, Cere DAO, to our ecosystem.

III. Events

1. Treasureland Logo Campaign

Ahead of the imminent launch of Treasureland V3, we launched the Treasureland Logo Design Campaign, inviting our community to design the next “Treasureland logo.”

The users with the best creations will receive cash prizes and even have a chance to start a web3 career with us.

Check out the details here:

Treasureland Logo Campaign — Your Dreams, Your Marketplace, Your Logo

2. Giveaways

We have organized generous giveaways and airdrops with our partners. Prizes in the reward pool range from WL spots, exclusive NFTs, cash prizes and even crypto.

In August, we launched 13 giveaways with AstroBaby, Million Winners, Madmen, Mones, ZebraLabs, Ceres DAO, and MM3, to name a few.

Join our Telegram/Discord channels and follow us on Twitter so you won’t miss out!

IV. New NFT Listings

The following GameFi collections are now tradable on Treasureland:

  • Defensive Facility by Galaxy Blitz — play-to-earn combat strategy NFT game where you lead the descendants of humanity to forge a new empire.
  • DeesseCards — a game set in a fictional world where human civilization has fallen and evil beings have been released from hell.
  • Derby Stars — a horse racing metaverse game where players can breed, grow, build and trade.
  • The Lost SamuRise — a faction-based strategy game played in the fictional world of Tengoku (heaven) that has borrowed lore and stylistic elements from Samurai culture in classical Japanese style.
  • RankerDAO — a guild of gamers passionate about P2E and aim to empower members to enjoy all the benefits as they explore the vast emergent Socialfi ecosystem.
  • SharkRace’s King Sharks — the first-ever customizable NFTs — King Sharks rule kingdoms and receive lifelong revenue from the games on BNBChain.

The following Move-to-Earn collections are now tradable on Treasureland:

  • SLEEP Kickstarter MisteryBoxes — A web3 lifestyle app that rewards users for sleeping, driving & simply putting their phones away, developed on the BNB chain.
  • Drive2 NFT — a Web3 automotive meta-ecological application that rewards car owners worldwide by contributing safe driving data.
  • The following PFP collections are now tradable on Treasureland:
  • Isekai Meta — a story and community-driven, hand-drawn NFT collection + metaverse brand that taps into the foundational human need to connect with others through story.
  • Proof of Narnian NFTs — represents the largest and most authentic crypto community founded in 2018.
  • LiveArtX — NFT platform for galleries, museums, artists, collectors and the world.
  • 8liens NFT — the Ethereals have spawned them for travel to other dimensions. Their primary purpose is exploration and discovery.
  • HALO NFT — The HALO label realizes the value in interoperation with the real world through the original economic system and brand effect

VI. What’s next?

In the near future, we will launch the V3 version in which we will focus on building the BSC ecosystem and dedicate ourselves to improving the user experience for BSC NFT transactions.

We highly value the cooperation with top-notch BSC brands and IPs to expand on our penetration of the GameFi market, BNB chain ecosystem, and newest sector, Move-to-Earn. Hence we will release more partnerships and Gamefi projects on our Launchpad. Many things will happen in autumn; stay tuned!

At Treasureland, we always build with, of, and for the community. We encourage you to go along this bumpy road with us and join the mysterious journey of the Web3 treasure hunt!

Want to join us? Please send your CV to:

About Treasureland

Treasureland is a multi-chain NFT platform for NFT issuance, NFT trading, NFT collections, and tailored in-shop services. It provides a one-stop solution to business-end users from 0 to 1 and a multiple-chain aggregation experience for C-end users.

Treasureland raised a seed funding round led by HashKey Capital and Youbi Capital, with participation from Assembly Ventures, NGC Venture, GBV Capital, DFG, Spark Digital, SNZ, Mask Network, and other top institutions.

Treasureland has deployed on multiple blockchains, including Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, IoTex, Moonriver, and diverse multi-chain NFT assets. And it will deploy on more chains soon.

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