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Treasureland Monthly Report (from December 1 — December 31)

Happy New Year! It’s time for the December monthly report before we get too far into the new year! December is a month of joy and togetherness. This also applies to Treasureland with many past events.

Below, we sum up the string of achievements we made in listings, strategic partnerships, and overall growth.

Technical updates

  1. Update in UI/VI

Our designers kept our UI rebranding in Treasureland. The new Colors & logos of Treasureland are: Purple, black, yellow, and white are the primary colours of the latest version. The colours stand for hope, passion, elegance, and vitality. Three logo variants: barcode, characters, and mountain shape. We keep up the momentum in the changing world.

Our designers kept renewing our UI in the Treasureland marketplace page. Now, we have added an artist filter option.

Treasureland new version- homepage

2. Treasureland now on IoTeX chain

Treasureland was successfully integrated on the IoTex chain. Building on that, both Treasureland and the IoTeX team will proactively join forces to push the growth of the NFT sector through interchain NFT transactions, NFT mint, and other use cases. Users can now start trading native IoTeX NFTs on the Treasureland marketplace.

As such, IoTeX is the perfect ally for Treasureland’s multi-chain vision. The partnership will see both teams aligning to integrate the IoTeX blockchain such that users can start trading native IoTeX NFTs on the Treasureland marketplace.

3. Automated Indexing of New/Old NFT collections

Our team completed the deployment of a new feature to enable the auto-inclusion of new and existing NFT collections on-chain data scanning.

That means, Treasureland will automatically scan through blockchain networks for active NFT smart contract addresses and integrate them in a hands-free way.

4. Added floor price feature

We upgraded the filter system. Users will be able to check the floor price (the lowest price) for specific collections in Treasureland.

5. Added a “Discover” page

We added a new feature to show assets and more info for users to explore. The newly listed NFTs will appear here and users can filter through the collections by network chain and price options.

6. Added night mode in display settings

We added light and dark modes for users to choose from in the new version. Click the sun/moon icons in the top right corner to switch between the two modes.

7. A New Payment Method- $SOS!

Treasureland reached a strategic partnership with OpenDao. Users can now trade NFTs with the $SOS tokens on Treasureland.

50% of the $SOS trading fees will be given to OpenDao for $SOS NFT ecological development.

Apart from $SOS, Treasureland has previously supported the use of $BNB, $ETH, $DEGO and 10+ currencies as payments options.

8. Update in Gitbook

We updated the tutorials for users and developers in the Treasureland gitbook. ( We also updated new features and guides for beginners in our new market. The new version will launch at the end of December.

9. New features of mystery box and auction is under development.

10. Optimized Web Feature — Event Banner

Partnerships and Events in December

In December, we have listed 50+ NFT projects; had 20+ giveaways and established partnerships with more than 20 projects.

Treasureland has partnered with Clover Finance

1. Treasureland partnered with moonpot. Moonpot is the win-win savings game on BSC, where savers become winners. All NFTs from Moonpot are powered by ProjectGalaxyHQ — December 1.

2. Partnership with WolfgameBsc: Wolf Game BSC is a GameFi game where Sheep and Wolves compete for $BWOOL on a farm in the Metaverse — December 4.

3. Partnership with MonsterGalaxy21: Monster Galaxy is a creature-taming and battling game that follows the — Collect, #P2E business model — December 6.

4. Treasureland put to paper a strategic partnership with Chainswap, a cross-chain asset bridge and application hub for smart contracts — December 9.

5. Treasureland hosted a giveaway campaign with Wolf Safe People. — December 10

6. Treasureland interviewed the talented NFT artist, Niq.eth, in a Zoom meeting. Niq is a member of Weir_DAO. He also owns charity-focused virtual game projects, Luckmask and LuckyCot which recently trended — December 10.

7. Also, NFT cards from the Crypto Kombat collections became available for sale on Treasureland — December 10.

8. Treasureland launched dedicated telegram groups for the Turkish and Dutch demographics of its community — December 14.

9. Treasureland reached a partnership with NAOS Finance, an RWA-based infrastructure company, by connecting DeFi with CeFi. All NAOS Finance NFTs are now available for sale in Treasureland — Dec 19.

10. EMIT joined the Treasureland Christmas campaign with a giveaway of 30 EMIT NFTs to the community — Dec 20.

11. DEGO Finance joined Treasureland Christmas, and users had a chance to win DEGO Christmas Trees by completing tasks — Dec 20.

12. Niq.eth a talented NFT designer and a member of WeirDao, created an exclusive NFT “LuckyMask 生肖一刻值” on Treasureland. “LuckyMask 生肖一刻值” is a digital artwork that pays tribute to the Twelve Old Summer Palace bronze zodiac heads — Dec 21.

13. Monster Galaxy’s blind box sale event launched on Dec 22, all the 600 NFTs Treasureland were sold out within 2 minutes. Monster Galaxy P2E will be the next chapter with the NFT and P2E model. The game is a Pokemon look-alike monsters collect and battle game. It will release the beta version in February 2022 and launch it in March 2022 — Dec 22.

14. Treasureland supports The Squid NFT World NFT trading from BiSwap from Dec 22.

15. Treasureland will join BSC 1st Metaverse Xmas on Jan 6. The event will be co-organized by SecondLive — Dec 23.

16. Treasureland announced a partnership with Liq Collectibles, a platform for creating NFT collections as tokenized fungible tokens that can be traded on DEXs. — December 24.

17. In a joint venture, Binopoly kicked off the Treasureland December giveaways campaigns via a gleam competition, giving participants a chance to receive one of 10 NFT cards, valued at $100 each — December 24.

18. XCarnival announced a giveaway for 50 special X-tickets NFTs as part of the December giveaway initiative — December 24.

19. Treasureland partnered with the X-Metaverse GameFi project, a 3D space-themed play-to-earn NFT game built on the BSC chain — December 24.

20. In continuation of the Xmas community reward program, X-World Games, the first cross-game and cross-play metaverse of the new internet, launched a raffle draw for 30 NFTs, which required users to complete a few simple steps — December 24.

21. ChainSwap earmarked ten limited editions of kitty NFTs as one of the freebies events of the Treasureland December give-back-to-the community programs — December 24.

22. Treasureland’s partner project, NFTwiki, marked the December giveaway event by hosting a competition for NFT enthusiasts. Xmas illumination NFTs would be handed out as rewards to the winners — December 24.

23. Hot Cross NFT collections titled Cross Bosses got verified on Treasureland. Hot Cross is a multi-chain application suite created for blockchain teams and communities on December 27.

24. BabySwap continued the December giveaway campaign by forking out $1000 worth of $BABY tokens to be shared by 20 lucky persons through a gleam competition — December 27.

25. DigiNation brought the December giveaway series to a close by offering 20 potential winners a chance to share in a $200 prize money — December 27.

26. Treasureland hosted an AMA with the IoTeX team representative in its official telegram group. Also, $500 worth of $IOTX tokens will be distributed to 20 lucky persons who participate from start to finish.

27. Treasureland inked a strategic business cooperation agreement with Clover Finance, a layer-one blockchain smart contract platform, multi-chain Defi hub, and a cross-chain wallet. Treasureland can now be viewed on Clover wallet — December 29.

28. Treasureland partnered with StarryNift. StarryNift is the first gamified massive creation platform & launchpad for fun digital collectibles — December 31.

29. Treasureland welcomes our new friend Beast Legends, the world’s first mabel fighting gamefi. Beast Legends NFTs and blind boxes will be live on Treasureland in January — December 31.

30. To welcome Beast Legends, Treasureland organized a new year event with BeastLegends. We had a giveaway to share $1000 MysteryBoxes — December 31.

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